Objects around Koyaa's house start taking on a life of their own, causing our hero all sorts of headaches. He's going to have to use all his resourcefulness and guile if he wants to tame them.

About the series

Koyaa and his friend, the wise Mr Raven, live on a rocky ledge high above the clouds. They lead an exciting life away from the urban hustle and bustle, without a minute’s boredom. Koyaa stumbles into comical adventures when the everyday objects that surround him come to life and begin to act in all sorts of weird and wacky ways. Socks, scarves, books, a sunbed – you name it, they keep going crazy! The items run around, hide from Koyaa, fly into the sky or make a mess in the house. While Koyaa is trying to catch them and get things back into order, Mr Raven patiently crafts his birdhouses. He grumbles amiably about how Koyaa never lets him work in peace, but it's all in good spirit. A day spent with Koyaa and Mr Raven is always great fun!


Koyaa lives on a rocky ledge high above the clouds. His days are interrupted by everyday objects coming to life and misbehaving. Koyaa has to find ever-new creative solutions to fix the trouble they cause.

Naughty Toy Car

It’s a rainy day so Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. He steps on a toy car, which takes him on a crazy ride around the room. The car simply refuses to behave, but our resourceful hero manages to outsmart it.

Wild Sunbed

On a sleepy summer afternoon, Koyaa lies down on his sunbed to rest. The sweltering heat gets to the bed and it starts kicking around like a wild stallion. Can Koyaa keep it under control?

Flying Workbook

Koyaa sits down to write in his workbook. When he opens it, the book springs to life, floating away like a butterfly. He runs after it, but it's simply too quick for him. He needs a creative idea.

Silly Stickers

Koyaa wants to paste some stickers onto a window. He presses them hard with his fingers, but they keep unsticking by themselves, scattering and floating around. It’s time for another great idea!

Dancing Socks

Koyaa wakes up to a new day. He tries putting on a warm pair of socks, but there's a problem – they keep running away and hiding. Koyaa manages to catch one. Can he catch the other one too?

Freezing Scarf

Koyaa is getting ready to step outside into a cold winter’s day. He tries to grab his scarf from the clothes stand, but it slithers away like a snake. How will Koyaa manage to grab it?