Objects around Koyaa's house start taking on a life of their own, causing our hero all sorts of headaches. He's going to have to use all his resourcefulness and guile if he wants to tame them.

About the series

Koyaa and his friend, the wise Mr Raven, live on a rocky ledge high above the clouds. They lead an exciting life away from the urban hustle and bustle, without a minute’s boredom. Koyaa stumbles into comical adventures when the everyday objects that surround him come to life and begin to act in all sorts of weird and wacky ways. Socks, scarves, books, a sunbed – you name it, they keep going crazy! The items run around, hide from Koyaa, fly into the sky or make a mess in the house. While Koyaa is trying to catch them and get things back into order, Mr Raven patiently crafts his birdhouses. He grumbles amiably about how Koyaa never lets him work in peace, but it's all in good spirit. A day spent with Koyaa and Mr Raven is always great fun!


Koyaa lives on a rocky ledge high above the clouds. His days are interrupted by everyday objects coming to life and misbehaving. Koyaa has to find ever-new creative solutions to fix the trouble they cause.

Elusive Paper

Koyaa wants to paint, but his sheet of paper suddenly starts folding into a paper airplane, taking off with a buzz. Koyaa chases after it as it keeps transforming into various shapes, being super elusive!

Jumpy Eraser

Koyaa draws some lovely bunnies on a piece of paper, framing it. As he's ready to set aside his eraser, it jumps up and starts charging around! Koyaa needs a quick solution for the jumpy mayhem.

Slippery Soap

Koyaa wants to wash his muddy hands, but the slippery soap is making it really wacky. He has to juggle the soap bar, skate on it and play hockey. Will he even manage?

Trippy Trashcan

While painting a chair, Koyaa smears paint all over the trashcan. Since he can't remove the stain he decides to just paint the whole thing. It rebels and runs off, with Koyaa racing after it, swinging his roller. Mayhem!

Happy Fork

Koyaa is making a picnic. When all is set and he wants to stab his fork into a juicy tomato, the utensil starts zigging and zagging around. To catch it, Koyaa needs a brilliant idea!

Creepy Blanket

It's Halloween and Koyaa is sleeping, tucked in a warm blanket. In the night, the restless covers start quaking and quivering, and just like that, Koyaa is flying around! Only wits can get him out of this mess.