Materials for teachers, mentors, educational staff and parents. These will help reinforce an understanding of film language and creativity. YAA!

How did Koyaa come about?

These animated shorts showcase the weird and wacky experiences of boyish hero Koyaa as he struggles with everyday objects that spring to life and cause him no end of problems. The wild imagination on display in these stories is close to the way that children perceive the world, where objects can be attributed all kinds of meanings and characteristics. Koyaa handles his challenges by keeping his spirits up – which is perhaps the best way to tackle any problem. The witty, out-of-the-box solutions created by Koyaa allow the challenges to develop in clever ways. The Koyaa films therefore illuminate the value of persistence and display the advantages of creative thinking – not only in a fantastic setting, but also in stressful everyday situations. Koyaa lives far from the urban churn, on a rocky ledge high above the clouds. The setting is an allegory for the freedom of nature and fresh air, which fuels the mind with fresh ideas.

Talking points

Having watched the series, you can use these talking points to discuss Koyaa with children at home, at nursery or primary school – or indeed anywhere else. The talking points revolve around the stories, as well as film language and the general concept of animation. By presenting unusual situations to the hero and his audience, the films encourage creative exploration, opening up a range of interesting subjects. These can be used for discussions between educators, parents and, of course, kids, who might just pick up some additional critical thinking and abstract reflection skills when addressing the stories.