Help Koyaa get out of unusual tight spots by playing the new KOYAA mobile game. 

Put on your thinking caps and let’s go! 

The Mobile Game

Koyaa is coming to life in the digital world as well. The KOYAA mobile game will let children interact with our hero's life on the rocky ledge in five different adventures. Naturally, these are packed with action, silly falls, laughter, and naughty objects that cause trouble left, right and centre. The players will be asked to flex their brain muscles and show a bit of dexterity.

Can you prevent a toy car from racing all over the room?

Look, Koyaa's paper plane is darting away! Can you help?

Can you feed a book that is thirsty for knowledge?

Koyaa loves hide-and-seek. Do you? With your help, he'll be able to find all the items hiding around the house.

Up for a daring downhill ride? Koyaa wants to go sledging! But how can he avoid all the obstacles in the way?

As Koyaa himself might say: the naughty objects are no joke, but they're still funny! If you manage to catch them all, Koyaa will be first to congratulate you, sharing your enthusiasm as you peruse your sticker album of outwitted items.